Why Is It Weirdly Sexy When Men Do The Bare Minimum?

The bare minimum, which can be defined as doing the absolute least to get by, can look like a multitude of things, depending on your age range, your relationship with the person, or even the medium in which you receive it (ie, in person vs. online). It can look like offering to pay for the first date, texting back in a timely manner, showing the smallest bit of respect for you, or even doing the laundry or other “feminine” tasks that men stereotypically don’t take on. These actions are so basic that it’s arguable whether they should warrant so much as a thank you. And yet, so often, we end up thirsting over a dude who does these things. In 2017, Buzzfeed even compiled a list of 15 Times Twitter Fell For Men Doing The Absolute Bare Minimum that exposed our affinity for men giving us the least, including one tweet saying, “I’m marrying the man who is willing to start my car when it’s cold outside in the mornings.” Yes, give us absolutely nothing!

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