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Why isn’t ‘Riverdale’ cancelled? Laugh at these cringey memes – Film Daily

After the complete & utter wackiness of the preceding five logic-defying seasons, Archie and the gang are set to return for more mind-boggling hijinks. 

Although we still have a big chunk of Season 5 to get through, The CW has greenlit Riverdale for its sixth installment. And we can’t help but wonder why the showrunners haven’t pulled the plug yet despite the show’s fast descent into madness.

The storylines & character development may have become a complete nightmare to keep track of but at least the show’s off-the-charts weird plot contrivances have helped spawn some of the finest, most cringe-worthy memes known to the internet.

Explaining every Riverdale season be like

Insane storylines are exactly what makes Riverdale such a joy to watch, every outrageous twist paves the way to a bunch more outrageous twists that all coil together to make for a compelling viewing experience. 

[spoilers] Season 6 from riverdale

Season 6 spoilers

Honestly, we don’t know why we expect it to be any different?

Legendary levels of absurdity

Now, that’s something we can ALL agree on.

Whenever this sub complains about the plot not making sense from riverdale

Don’t focus on the plot, just keep vibing

The beauty of Riverdale is that it doesn’t require any brainpower to analyze the story or decipher the character’s motivation because, in the end, the storyline would be carelessly wrapped up in a mesh of over-the-top drama, lies, and exaggerated one-liners. You know, all the good stuff. 

Reminder in case we were starting to miss the show. from riverdale

Epic highs & lows of football

Sometimes Riverdale’s dialogues make even less sense than its storylines, which is not an easy feat considering how cuckoo-bananas each season’s narrative is.

Why? from riverdale


With every bizarre thing that’s already happened in Archie’s hometown, aliens don’t seem completely out of the realm of possibility. 

What do you think of our list of cringey Riverdale memes? Which are your favorite memes about Archie & friends? Let us know down in the comments!

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