Your Guide to the Justin Bieber x Tim Hortons Menu and Merchandise

Calling all Beliebers! Over the years, pop star Justin Bieber has proven that everything he touches turns to gold. From his collaborations with Crocs to his beauty partnership with Schmidt’s Naturals, the 27-year-old has proven that he’s as talented as he is business-savvy. And now, the “Peaches” singer is expanding his reach by stepping into the food industry via a partnership with Tim Hortons.

Yes, you read that correctly! A true Canadian, Justin plays no games when it comes to satisfying his Tim Hortons fix. The star has even shared critiques in the past about the brand’s new coffee lids. So, it makes sense that the two giants have joined forces to create a new menu and merchandise items. But where can you buy everything? Keep reading to get the deets!

Tim Hortons and Justin Bieber’s collaboration will be available to purchase in late November 2021.

Beliebers are in for a real treat! The Tims x Justin Bieber collab is set to satisfy your snack cravings and upgrade your wardrobe.

In a press release obtained by Distractify, the brand shares that the new menu items will consist of a limited-edition collection that includes three Timbiebs Timbits (bite-sized donut) flavors: chocolate white fudge, sour cream chocolate chip, and birthday cake waffle. Yum!

A lineup of Timbiebs merch will also be available for customers to purchase in participating restaurants throughout the U.S. and Canada on Nov. 29, 2021.

The decision was made after Justin shared with the Tim Hortons team that Timbits are his favorite item on the menu. As a result, Chef Tallis Voakes, Tim Hortons’ director of culinary innovation, started to experiment with different flavor combinations and collaborated with Justin to create the treats customers will soon try.

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Source: Tim Hortons

“Doing a Tim Hortons collab has always been a dream of mine,” Justin said in the press release. “I grew up on Tim Hortons and it’s always been something close to my heart.”

The Tim Hortons team is equally excited about working with Justin.

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“What’s amazing about working with Justin is he has an authentic, lifelong relationship with Tims and he was so invested in working on Timbiebs and our future plans together,” Hope Bagozzi, chief marketing officer for Tim Hortons said in the press release. “He knows exactly what our guests already love about the Tims brand and he’s helping us deliver new menu innovations that we know they’re going to love. We’re really looking forward to what’s next.”

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On Nov. 8, 2021, Justin Bieber teased the Tim Hortons collaboration on social media.

Bieber fans know that the pop star always has something new up his sleeve. And in his latest Instagram post, the songbird teased his upcoming Tim Hortons collaboration with a caption that reads: “Working on something @timhortons @timhortonsus.”

In the photo, Justin’s tattooed sleeve can be seen reaching over a table filled with jewelry and the famous red cup that the brand is known for. However, if you look closely at the image, you’ll find an unexpected surprise.

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A small slip of paper next to the pearl necklaces has an email address on it: Aside from the fact that fans will be able to personally share messages with the pop star, everyone who emails the address will receive an automated message.

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Tim Hortons x Justin Bieber email

Source: Tim Hortons x Justin Bieber

“Hey there, If you’ve made it here by now, you deserve to know that something special is brewing between me and Tims in Canada and the U.S. More to come… Thanks, JB,” the message reads.

Judging by the response on social media, fans are waiting with bated breath to try the new flavors of Timbiebs and rock the new merchandise.

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