Your Horoscope This Week: November 14, 2021

We begin this week with the aftershocks of Mercury in Scorpio’s opposition to Uranus in Taurus. All one has to do is look at the ground, its crumbling leaves in the North, its fallen blooms in the South, to know that November is a month of endings. Sometimes, they’re as bright as they are painful. Sometimes, they are unmistakable; sometimes they’re unspoken. If you didn’t know, then surely you know now as the Sun continues its slow saunter under Scorpio’s stars like a goth on a hot day. The Asteroid Vesta prepares to leave Scorpio on the 16th, and the time of invocation must give way to a time of presence and searching in the dark. The veil is not only thin, it’s a long black lace dragging along the ground, stepped on by insistent Mars and sharp-tongued Mercury who are just as dramatic and drawn to the dark as the Sun is in Scorpio, if not more so. Venus, meanwhile, makes her way through Capricorn, doing her damnedest to make the best of difficult relationship times and prepare for what might come (see: Venus retrograde). The asteroid Juno enters Capricorn as well, echoing themes of relation, especially in situations where two people must negotiate power between — and over — each other.

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